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The Stickbow Chronicles

Welcome to The Stickbow Chronicles. The TSC crew consists of 3 guys who have over 60 years of experience bowhunting with traditional gear. With weekly guests we look to deliver campfire like conversations encompassing all aspects of the passion we share, and we intend to have fun doing it.

Oct 21, 2019

Talk about flying under the radar, Jon Simoneau is that guy. A fanatic about Whitetails, we promise this is not the last time he is on. Please support these companies that make this podcast possible

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The Footed Shaft

Professional Bowhunters Society

Oct 14, 2019

In the late 60's and early 70's interest in bowhunting was starting to swell thanks to the efforts of men like Fred Bear, Glenn St.Charles, and others. M.R. James saw an opportunity to fill a void, a place where the pioneers and enthusiasts could share and promote a passion they shared. Enter Bowhunter Magazine....

Oct 8, 2019

Ethan and Jesse chat with a few of our past guests as they roll into Whitetail season. Dalton Lewis, Nathan Killen, and Yohon Deitterick. Each one of them hunt differing terrain and tactics from one another but the common thread is they are extremely successful year in and and year out. #ihuntclose

Black Widow Bows


Oct 7, 2019

These guys are funny... In this episode we make an announcement that we a very excited about. Join us as we talk to Toby, Roger, and Myles and get a bit of insight what goes on over at Black Widow Bows

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The Footed Shaft

Oct 4, 2019

Does it seem like some folks spend all their time hunting? Some of us do get to hunt more than others but keeping a healthy balance with your time as a parent, spouse, employee etc. is the real goal. My buddy Jake and I BS about his season so far.....he is on a tear....and how he balances his duties at home with his...